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Established in 2012, Feet Retreat Spa Massage seeks to deliver far-reaching health solutions and cultivate long-term relationships throughout the Atlanta community. Feet Retreat strives to address both physical and energetic issues, gently guiding your body toward balance, relaxation and restoration. 

With services that are known to release endorphins, lower the heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve balance, and assist with our mental health, we proudly display rates online. To get a better sense of how Feet Retreat can help you, check out the comprehensive overview of massages and reflexology treatments on our Services page. 

Specializing in Swedish massages as well as deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, couples, head to toe, and foot reflexology, Feet Retreat Spa Massage offers 30, 60, 90, and 120 minute massage sessions. Are you, like so many others, overdue for a little self care? At Feet Retreat, we promise you’ll receive a truly customized session each and every time you visit so that you can feel and look your best! 

We pride ourselves on providing massages and reflexology treatments that open your neural pathways, providing much-needed relaxation, leaving you in a state of peace and pain-free relief. The physiological change that takes place as a result is simple to explain: it’s the reduction of stress.

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Taken together, your body and hands have over 106 bones, more than half of the bones in your entire body—and that's just its skeletal makeup. Look to Feet Retreat for genuine relief, serving the city of Atlanta since 2012!

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Feet Retreat Spa Massage

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